I have been a Nas fan forever. Always related to the army jacket more than the platinum chains. Anyway, great video, great feel, Nas is classic. I was going to go into detail about how awesome this song and images in the video are but just press play.

The video has a great look. Fits the group. Nothing much I can say. This is that yoga flame, get familiar!

"Don't get caught up on the throne" LOL Love that line. That silver and gold never saved a soul!!!!

Kid Cudi & D.Dot Da Genius (WZRD)

www.complex.com sat down with WRZD and discuss the process behind each song.

I am a huge Kid Cudi fan and I heard they only ship 55k of their album. Labels suck!!!!! LOL. It is unfortunate but hopefully they will start to ship more out. Looking forward to making this album a regular on the IpizzY!!!!